If you are not happy with the way your teeth look – whether they are misaligned, misshaped, stained due to medicines or tobacco – modern smile makeovers with veneers can be your dream smile and can increase your confidence in giving a beautiful smile. Veneers can be the answer for permanent tooth whitening, straightening of teeth, removal of gaps between teeth and enhancing your smile. 

Veneers are done in 2 sittings and custom-made very thin covers for your teeth made from layering ceramics and bonded to front of tooth. They are made in any shade you desire whether natural or more lighter to brighten up your beautiful smile We use most modern technology in our practice for best fit and appearance with long lasting results in a pain-free environment. Veneers can be of Porcelain that are stronger, less likely to stain and give more natural look. Composite veneers are less expensive but look more opaque. Composite veneers are however one of the best choices to repair small chips or stains in teeth. Composite Veneers also come in several tooth color shades with good fit and appearance.

Whatever Veneer type you choose whether Porcelain or Composite, We strongly encourage you to communicate your desires with us to make sure we give you a clear understanding of the treatment plan and the costs involved. Please schedule your consult with Dr. Azam to know your options that fits your needs and you can have a smile of your dreams.








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