Root canal is a procedure, if delayed for any reason can cause a lot of discomfort, pain, possible spread of existing infection and tooth may not be salvageable. Root canal treatment saves teeth that are affected by diseased nerve tissue located inside your tooth. Root canals can be due to untreated dental cavities where bacteria continue to erode the tooth and reaches the nerve, fracture of the tooth where nerve is affected, injury to face or tooth, old failing crowns or fillings where bacteria leaks through cracks and reach the nerve. After the tooth nerve is affected by bacteria, nerve continues to die due to infection and body then reacts by having inflammation as a response. This entire process can be very painful for patient. During Root canal procedure, infected nerve is removed, tooth is cleaned and filled to prevent further or any pain and infection and one can save own natural tooth. Tooth can be recommended to have crown for longevity. Dr Azam may prescribe Pain medications and antibiotics.


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