You may have noticed wearing down of your teeth or chipping of some teeth, sore jaw, teeth or waking up with headaches. Sometimes you do not know and may well be grinding (bruxism) or clenching. Studies have shown that 3 out of 9 people suffer from clenching or grinding.

 It is difficult to control it sometimes as most often it happens during sleep.It can happen in adults and children which can be a worrisome for parents/guardians. If left untreated, the process can lead to popping or clicking of the jaw (often referred to as TMJ), pain especially when eating or speaking, sleep and eating disorders and even depression. It can also cause fracture of teeth with sensitivity and pain. 

Night guard also called Bite guard or occlusal guard can cover full arch of teeth or just a few and protects your teeth from any injury due to grinding/clenching. It is also used for TMJ Therapy as it serves as cushion and protects the jaw muscles also to prevent you from soreness and any detrimental affects that it can cause. Though it does not directly stop from the activity altogether, by relaxing the muscles, it reduces frequency. 

We also recommend night guards if you have extensive dental work done including crowns, bridges to increase its longevity, even though you may not be grinding or clenching.

Full arch guard can also serve children and adults in terms of protecting teeth while they are playing sports as "Sports Guard".

Please consult us for your customized guard according to your needs to protect your teeth and give you restful sleep. 









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