Invisalign straightens teeth and can fill in the gaps between teeth to give you a more beautiful and confident smile. To avoid traditional long term braces, Invisalign takes care of several mild to moderate misalignment of teeth without having the trouble of conventional braces that can sometimes affect oral hygiene and may lead to long term problems. Brushing, Floss and eating does not need to be modified as it is removable and you can all the comfort that you normally would. Invisalign may affect the speech temporarily for a few days but it goes away once you get used to it. Invisalign involves series of clear, virtually invisible aligners that moves your teeth gradually as whole based on the treatment plan determined by Dr. Azam. Each aligner custom made for you from a thin thermoplastic material is worn for about 2 weeks that moves teeth as prescribed by Dr. Azam and is recommended to be worn 20-21 hours a day. Invisalign treatment can take 12-18 months only compared to traditional braces that takes about 3 years in general. Some insurances can be giving coverage for invisalign depending on the patient's plan. We are happy to find out about your dental insurance benefits as a service to you. Please contact us to schedule your consult so we can determine if you are candidate for Invisalign for a revitalized smile



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